Pastoral Region Staff

Rev. Jarred Kohn
[email protected]    937-373-2102


Fr. Aaron Hess                     [email protected]        937-373-2423   


 Fr. Andrew Reckers             [email protected]   937-373-2430


Fr. Steve Mondiek              [email protected]  937-373-2429


Steph Pohlman                  [email protected]              937-373-2422

Coordinator of Sacramental Life
Dcn. Paul Timmerman
[email protected]
937-295-2891 ext. 107

George Sholtis [email protected]      937-295-2891 ext. 105

Business Manager

Jackie Hoying  [email protected] 937.295.2891 ext. 102

St. Michael
Office Manager | Bookkeeper
Betty Ann Clark
b[email protected]
937.295.2891 Ex 103
Ss. Peter & Paul
Office Manager | Bookkeeper
Melissa Hoying
[email protected]
937.295.2179 Ex. 114

Coordinator of Religious Education for St. Michael Grades K-6

Rose Meyer
[email protected]g
937.295.2891 Ex 106
Pastoral Region
Pastoral Associate
Wendy Gerstner
[email protected]
937.295.2179 Ex. 113

Coordinator of Religious Education for Pastoral Region Grades 7-12 and Youth Ministry

Amy Noykos
[email protected]
937.295-2891 Ex. 110
Pastoral Region
Director of Music Ministry
Kate Boeke
[email protected]
937.295.2891 Ex. 115
Communication Associate

Jill Mangas [email protected]          937-295-2891 ext. 104

St. Michael Maintenance and Sacristan

Ted Bornhorst
[email protected]
            937-295-2891 ext. 104

St. Michael Sexton 
Lisa Monnin
[email protected]
937.295.2891 Ex. 111
Coordinator of Religious Education for Ss. Peter & Paul Grades 1-6
Pastoral Associate

Jenny Ferguson

Ss. Peter & Paul

Mark Hoelscher

Ss. Peter & Paul Maintenance
Buildings and Grounds  and Sexton