Community Life

Community Life Ministries build and nourish a healthy vibrant Catholic community.
You are invited to participate or to be a leader in ministry. There is no time like the present:

Pastoral Region  Divorce Care
Pastoral Region  Grief Share
Pastoral Region  Knights of St. John
Pastoral Region  Marriage Ministry

Pastoral Region 4 Date Nights

Pastoral Region  Men's Saturday Fellowship Breakfast
Pastoral Region  MOMS - Ministry of Mothers Sharing
Pastoral Region  Senior Citizen Ministry (age 50+ )
Pastoral Region  SoulCore Workouts
Pastoral Region  Welcome Committee
Pastoral Region  Woman's Fellowship Breakfast

St. Michael          Apostleship of Prayer
St. Michael:         St. Ann's

Ss. Peter & Paul Donut Sunday | Ladies Sodality
Ss Peter & Paul  Men's Breakfast
Ss. Peter & Paul  Turkey Festival

More Ways to Be Involved:
Outreach Ministries
Faith Formation
Liturgical & Music Ministries