Community Life

Community Life Ministries build and nourish a healthy vibrant Catholic community.
You are invited to participate or to be a leader in ministry. There is no time like the present:

Pastoral Region  Divorce Care
Pastoral Region  Grief Share
Pastoral Region  Knights of St. John
Pastoral Region  Marriage Ministry

Pastoral Region Senior Care

Pastoral Region  Men's Saturday Fellowship Breakfast
Pastoral Region  MOMS - Ministry of Mothers Sharing
Pastoral Region  Senior Citizen Ministry (age 50+ )
Pastoral Region  SoulCore Workouts
Pastoral Region  Welcome Committee
Pastoral Region  Woman's Fellowship Breakfast

St. Michael          Apostleship of Prayer
St. Michael:         St. Ann's

Ss. Peter & Paul Donut Sunday | Ladies Sodality
Ss Peter & Paul  Men's Breakfast
Ss. Peter & Paul  Turkey Festival   / Chicken Dinner Fundraiser


More Ways to Be Involved:
Outreach Ministries
Faith Formation
Liturgical & Music Ministries