Sacrament of Reconciliation

Encounter the Peace of Christ: 
The Sacrament of Reconciliation is the first of two sacraments of healing. This is the sacrament of spiritual healing for baptized persons who have distanced themselves from God as a result of sins committed.  There are four elements to the sacrament:  
- - confession to a priest
- absolution by the priest
- penance


Pastoral Region Reconciliation Schedule During COVID-19 Pandemic:

5:30-6:00 pm Tuesday-Thursday | St Michael Church (at Ss. Peter and Paul during the St. Michael remodel February 23-March 19, 2021).
4:00-4:30 pm Saturday St. Michael (Saturday afternoon confessions are cancelled for February 23-March 19, 2021).

The confessional at St. Michael church allows for more appropriate and safe spacing during the COVID-19 Pandemic which is why confessions are held at St. Michael and not at Ss. Peter and Paul.

First Reconciliation

The Pastoral Region preparation program for Reconciliation consists of these components:

1. Since parental involvement in catechesis is essential in the on-going formation of the child, a Reconciliation Parent/Child Meeting is scheduled approximately 2 weeks prior to receiving the sacrament of First Reconciliation. It is our expectation that parents will attend this meting with their child.
2. The child must attend Religious Education regularly and have already received the Sacrament of Baptism.
3. Children receive the Sacrament of First Reconciliation during their second grade year of CCD, typically in November.

St Michael Religious Gradke K-6 Education Coordinator 

Ss. Peter & Paul Grade 1-8 Religious Education Coordinator Lisa Monnin

Ss. Peter & Paul First Reconciliation 


The candidate:

1. Can distinguish accident, inappropriate behavior, and sin according to the child’s age.
2. Must acknowledge sin.
3. Expresses sorrow for sin.