SPP Ladies Sodality

All women of Ss. Peter and Paul are members. This group oversees various events throughout the year. These events are Casseroles for a Cause, Eucumneical services, Donut Sunday, church cleaning,and our annual Turkey Festival. Their funds are used for various needs at the parish including but not limited to kitchen/ funeral supplies, donations and cleaning of altar items, flowers for various occasions, and many other items.

Monthly committes are randomly made in Nov-dec for the following year and if you are placed on one you are asked to fulfill that month's activity or find a replacement. You may also volunteer by contacting a current officer.

2022 officers are:

Katerri Meyer – President

Kristi Schulze

Betsy Seger

Holly Heitman

These ladies are on a 2 year rotation and will be asking for replacements when their term expires. Please consider stepping up and taking a turn. they will also answer your questions.