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Announcing BEACONS of LIGHT. Beacons of Light is a multi-year process of pastoral planning for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Rooted in prayer, groupings of parishes will come together as one faith community. These new “Families of Parishes” will be stronger together, focused more on mission than on maintenance. In the Families of Parishes we will grow closer to God, follow Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit, and radiate Christ in our lives. Through Beacons of Light, 65-75 parish groupings will become Families of Parishes throughout the cities and towns, suburbs, and rural communities of the 19 counties of southwest Ohio. Parishioners will be invited to share their hopes and dreams as parish leaders come together to discern the future, with the ultimate goal – in time - of each family becoming one parish led by a single pastor.

For more information on Beacons of Light please visit the new Beacons of Light website at:


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Fr. Steve’s message for May 5, 2021
Happy Feast Day of Saint Hilary of Arles, Bishop, d. 449
Saint Hilary of Arles’ Story: It’s been said that youth is wasted on the young. In some ways, that was true for today’s saint.
Born in France in the early fifth century, Hilary came from an aristocratic family. In the course of his education he encountered his relative, Honoratus, who encouraged the young man to join him in the monastic life. Hilary did so. He continued to follow in the footsteps of Honoratus as bishop. Hilary was only 29 when he was chosen bishop of Arles.
The new, youthful bishop undertook the role with confidence. He did manual labor to earn money for the poor. He sold sacred vessels to ransom captives. He became a magnificent orator. He traveled everywhere on foot, always wearing simple clothing.
That was the bright side. Hilary encountered difficulty in his relationships with other bishops over whom he had some jurisdiction. He unilaterally deposed one bishop. He selected another bishop to replace one who was very ill–but, to complicate matters, did not die! Pope Saint Leo the Great kept Hilary a bishop but stripped him of some of his powers.
Hilary died at 49. He was a man of talent and piety who, in due time, had learned how to be a bishop.
Reflection: Saint Hilary teaches us to respect authority even if found in a young person. Age is not the issue: prudence and wisdom are. (www.thedivinemercy.org/dms.php)
Information for you:
1. First Friday Confessions return tomorrow, Thursday, from 5:00p to 5:30p at SM and 6:00p to 6:30p at SPP.
2. Weekday masses: normal schedule.
3. Eucharistic Adoration in SM Church will return to 9:00a to 9:00p today. However, today, from 6:00p to 9:00p, Eucharistic Adoration will move to the Chapel due to a meeting for next year’s confirmandi families in the Church.
4. Funeral Mass for SM parishioner Jeanne Ann Prueter will be this Saturday at 10:30a in SM church. Jeanne died on January 22, 2021 and was cremated. Due to Covid-19 her funeral was postponed.
5. Pictorial Directories will be distributed after all Masses at SPP this coming weekend. They may also be picked up at the Parish Office Center during office hours: Mon. thru Thu. 9:00a to 3:30p, closed Friday.

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