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  • Oct. 11, 3 to 5 pm St. Michael Church
  • Book Study Weds. mornings 10:15 am St. Mike's Place
  • For first-time parents Tues., Oct. 13 @ 7 pm @ SMH
  • SPP Religous education starts Sept 30
  • Monday evenings 7 to 8:30 pm Starting Sept. 14 St. Mike's Place
  • Basics of the faith 11 weeks Starts Sept. 3, 6 to ...
A written message to all of you from Father Shoup
Fr. Steve’s message for the weekend, September 18, 19, & 20
(September 19) Memorial of St Januarius, Bishop, Martyr c.305
(September 20) Catechetical Sunday
Saint Januarius’ Story: Little is known about the life of Januarius. He is believed to have been martyred in the Emperor Diocletian’s persecution of 305. Legend has it that Januarius and his companions were thrown to the bears in the amphitheater of Pozzuoli, but the animals failed to attack them. They were then beheaded, and Januarius’ blood ultimately brought to Naples.
“A dark mass that half fills a hermetically sealed four-inch glass container, and is preserved in a double reliquary in the Naples cathedral as the blood of St. Januarius, liquefies 18 times during the year…Various experiments have been applied, but the phenomenon eludes natural explanation….” [From the Catholic Encyclopedia]
Reflection: It is defined Catholic doctrine that miracles can happen and are recognizable. Problems arise, however, when we must decide whether an occurrence is unexplainable in natural terms, or merely unexplained. We do well to avoid an excessive credulity but, on the other hand, when even scientists speak about “probabilities” rather than “laws” of nature, it is something less than imaginative for Christians to think that God is too “scientific” to work extraordinary miracles to wake us up to the everyday miracles of sparrows and dandelions, raindrops and snowflakes.
Catechetical Sunday: The Church celebrates Catechetical Sunday on September 20, 2020, under the theme of “I received from the Lord what I also handed on to you.” On this day, catechists are formally commissioned for ministry to the community. Catechetical Sunday is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the role that each baptized person plays in handing on the faith and being a witness to the Gospel. Catechetical Sunday is an opportunity for all to rededicate themselves to this mission as a community of faith.
Information for you:
1. Weekend Masses: at Newport: Saturday, 6:30p and Sunday, 9:30a; at Ft. Loramie, Saturday, 5:00p and Sunday, 8:00a and 11:00a.
2. Today, rosary for persecuted Christian is at 3:15p in St. Michael Church.
3. Religious Education begins for St. Michael students grades 1 thru 6 next week. We will offer student masses on Wednesday and Thursday at 8:25a. These masses are limited to students only, due to social distancing. Evening masses for everyone else will continue at 6:30p on these days.
4. Beginning in October, we plan to start bringing back some of the Mass ministries that have been suspended beginning with ushers taking up the collection on the weekend and counting Mass goers for the October Count. Baskets at the doors will continue to be available during the week for weekday mass goers.
5. Parish Leadership Retreat scheduled for next Saturday, September 26, has been postponed to early 2021.


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