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*Weekday Masses will not be streamed February 22-March 19, 2021 due to remodel at St. Michael.


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Mass Schedule

From February 22-March 19, 2021 all scheduled Masses will take place at Ss. Peter and Paul Parish in Newport while St. Michael replaces the carpet and pews. An additional Mass has also been added at 3:30 pm on Saturday during this time.


5:00p St. Michael Church
6:30 p Ss. Peter and Paul Church


8:00a   St. Michael Church
9:30a Ss. Peter and Paul Church
11:00a St. Michael Church


8:00a   Ss. Peter & Paul Church
6:30p   St. Michael Church

Wednesday | Thursday

8:25a St. Michael Church
6:30p St. Michael Church


8:25a   St. Michael Church
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Fr. Steve’s message for February 25, 2021
Thursday of the First Week of Lent
Happy Feast of Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio’s, Religious, d. 1600
Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio’s Story: Sebastian’s roads and bridges connected many distant places. His final bridge-building was to help men and women recognize their God-given dignity and destiny.
Sebastian’s parents were Spanish peasants. At the age of 31, he sailed to Mexico, where he began working in the fields. Eventually he built roads to facilitate agricultural trading and other commerce. His 466-mile road from Mexico City to Zacatecas took 10 years to build and required careful negotiations with the indigenous peoples along the way.
In time Sebastian was a wealthy farmer and rancher. At the age of 60, he entered a virginal marriage. His wife’s motivation may have been a large inheritance; his was to provide a respectable life for a girl without even a modest marriage dowry. When his first wife died, he entered another virginal marriage for the same reason; his second wife also died young.
At the age of 72, Sebastian distributed his goods among the poor and entered the Franciscans as a brother. Assigned to the large (100-member) friary at Puebla de los Angeles south of Mexico City, Sebastian went out collecting alms for the friars for the next 25 years. His charity to all earned him the nickname “Angel of Mexico.”
Sebastian was beatified in 1787 and is known as a patron of travelers.
Reflection: According to the Rule of Saint Francis, the friars were to work for their daily bread. Sometimes, however, their work would not provide for their needs; for example, working with people suffering from leprosy brought little or no pay. In cases such as these, the friars were allowed to beg, always keeping in mind the admonition of Francis to let their good example commend them to the people. The life of the prayerful Sebastian drew many closer to God.
Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio is the Patron Saint of: travelers. (
Information for you:
1. Weekday Masses (all at SPP Church): Tuesday, 8:00a and 6:30p, Wednesday and Thursday, 6:30p and Friday 8:25a. Confessions (all at SPP Church): Tuesday thru Thursday, 5:30p to 6:00p.
2. Weekend Masses (all at SPP Church): Saturday, 3:30p (Fr. Dan), 5:00p (Fr. Dan), 6:30p and on Sunday, 8:00a, 9:30a, and 11:00a (Fr. Dan).
3. Live-streaming Mass will not be available during the week. We will be able to live-stream the 11:00A Mass at SPP this Sunday.
4. Amazing Parish Retreat: our pastoral region lay leaders will be attending a retreat on Saturday to learn more about our pastoral region becoming an Amazing Parish. Please pray for the ongoing spiritual renewal of our pastoral region.

Ss. Peter & Paul

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