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Upcoming Events

  • Groups starting late Sept.
  • Caring for Seniors, session #2 is Sept 30 on legal matters, #3 is Oct 7th on home care. All at 6pm at St. Michael's Hall.
  • For first-time parents Mon., Oct. 18 @ 7 pm @ SMP
  • Sun., Oct. 10 | 3 to 5 pm | St. Michael Church
  • Tues., 7 to 8:30 pm @ St. Mike's Place

St. Michael Church

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5:00p St. Michael Church
Effective July 3rd, 2021 there will no longer be a 6:30 p mass at Ss. Peter and Paul Church


8:00a   St. Michael Church
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8:00a   Ss. Peter & Paul Church
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8:25a   St. Michael Church
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NFL Region Info & Beacons of Light Update for September 28, 2021
(Warning: May Cause Christmas hymns to start playing in your head)
Saint of the Day: Saint Wenceslaus, Martyr (d. 929)
Saint Wenceslaus' Story: If saints have been falsely characterized as “other worldly,” the life of Wenceslaus stands as an example to the contrary: He stood for Christian values in the midst of the political intrigues which characterized 10th-century Bohemia.
Wenceslaus was born in 907 near Prague, son of the Duke of Bohemia. His saintly grandmother, Ludmilla, raised him and sought to promote him as ruler of Bohemia in place of his mother, who favored the anti-Christian factions. Ludmilla was eventually murdered, but rival Christian forces enabled Wenceslaus to assume leadership of the government.
His rule was marked by efforts toward unification within Bohemia, support of the Church, and peace-making negotiations with Germany, a policy which caused him trouble with the anti-Christian opposition. His brother Boleslav joined in the plotting, and in September of 929 invited Wenceslaus to Alt Bunglou for the celebration of the feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian. On the way to Mass, Boleslav attacked his brother, and in the struggle, Wenceslaus was killed by supporters of Boleslav.
Although his death resulted primarily from political upheaval, Wenceslaus was hailed as a martyr for the faith, and his tomb became a pilgrimage shrine. He is hailed as the patron of the Bohemian people and of the former Czechoslovakia.
Reflection: “Good King Wenceslaus” was able to incarnate his Christianity in a world filled with political unrest. While we are often victims of violence of a different sort, we can easily identify with his struggle to bring harmony to society. The call to become involved in social change and in political activity is addressed to Christians; the values of the gospel are sorely needed today.
Saint Wenceslaus is the Patron Saint of: Bohemia. (
Pastoral Region Information for you:
1. On Wednesday Fr. Steve will be attending the Beacons of Light priests’ all day meeting, morning Mass will be replaced with a Liturgy of the Word with distribution of Holy Communion.
2. The second session of Caring for Seniors is this Thursday at 6:00p in St. Michael Hall. Ms. Liz Durnell-Maier, attorney at law, will speak of the legal issues around caring for seniors. This session is free and open to the public.
3. Coast to Coast Rosary event will be October 10th from 3:00p to 5:00p in St. Michael Church.
4. First time parents’ Baptism Preparation class is Monday, October 18 at 7:00p in St. Mike’s Place. Call office to register.
Beacons of Light, the archdiocese-wide pastoral planning process currently underway, will impact every parish in the archdiocese, including ours. The first phase will result in parishes being combined into Families of Parishes under the leadership of one pastor. A draft of this plan will be available to view on the Beacons of Light website beginning this Friday, October 1, through Wednesday, October 20. Your thoughtful input at this stage of the planning process would be most valuable. Please be sure to visit to study the plan and provide your feedback in the comment box available on the site. Thank you.

Ss. Peter & Paul

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