Sacraments of Matrimony

2dqgjo4xtir7zlbvr8fsjwphtsl.pngMarriage is a sacrament that is seen as a sign of love that establishes between the spouses a permanent and exclusive bond and covenant sealed by God. The Sacrament confers on the couple the   grace they need for attaining holiness in their married life and for the commitment to their children's faith formation.

Marriage Preparation

Preparation for marriage is not just for the wedding day when family and friends gather to witness and celebrate the commitment the bride and groom make to each other; it is preparation for the   day-to-day relationship the husband and wife will live throughout their married life whereby their lives, through the Sacrament they receive, will become a witness to others of Christ’s love for His MarriageChurch.

Our parish communities have made a commitment to support married couples in living out their Sacrament during their journey through married life by providing an ongoing enrichment process to aid them in the journey. Responsible participation in this process is an indication of the serious understanding of the commitment underlying their relationship.

Couple Preparation Program pre-requesite: arrange six months in advance.
Contact the Parish Office Center (POC) to schedule an appointment at 937-295-2891 or [email protected]

When getting married in the Catholic Church, records of Sacraments received in the past need to be mailed to the Church where the marriage will take place. Sacramental records are kept in the parish where the Sacrament was received.