Community Life: Senior Citizens

Senior Ministry Mission Statement

Senior Ministry for the NFL region is for people age 50 and over.  We recognize the gifts and needs of seniors and choose to respond with opportunities to enhance the senior years through ongoing activities.  Our mission is to promote:

  • Spiritual growth through prayer, study and reflection that leads to deeper faith in Christ.
  • Christian community that lessens loneliness.
  • Service by inviting seniors to share their wisdom and talents in service to parish and others.

Older adults are motivated by one of the five values that form the foundation of most of their meaningful activity:

  • Autonomy---they desire to be or remain self-sufficient.
  • Social and spiritual connectedness---they respond to people more than programs.
  • Altruism---they desire to give something back to the world.
  • Personal growth---they desire to continue developing as human beings.
  • Revitalization---they respond to activities that bring fresh and new experiences.