Youth: St. Michael Grades 7-8


St. Michael Junior High Religious Education program aims to lead pre-teens, teens and their families into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.  With Mary, the Mother of God, as our intercessor and guide, our Religious Education program seeks to empower students with solid knowledge of and excitement for the Catholic Church.


Students do not learn the Catholic faith by memorizing rules and listening to lectures.  They learn the faith by observing adults in their lives as they live out the faith and by taking part in lessons and activities that help the students connect the lessons with real life.  At St. Michael we encourage a balanced education which is not just class time but time engaged in Youth Ministry as well.  Our goal is to blur the lines between the Religious Education program and Youth Ministry program knowing that it takes both programs to adequately form a foundation in faith. 


St. Michael Religious Education Program exists to provide its students with a basic, yet firm foundation of religious education that is developed and nurtured within a faith-filled environment. This is accomplished when these goals are achieved:

  1. To proclaim the message of Jesus Christ, by providing a religious program based on Scripture and Tradition.
  2. To encourage reception of the Sacraments by preparing students to understand and appreciate their importance and necessity in their life.
  3. To foster growth in a faith community by providing valuable experiences of shared prayer and worship.
  4. To encourage a spirit of charity and service, by promoting positive Christian attitudes to one's responsibility toward God, others and self.
  5. To foster cooperation and communication among staff, parents and guardians, and students.


Religious education classes for 7-12 will be held every other Wednesday from 7:00-9:00 PM at St. Michael Hall. You can now download the calendar below.



We utilize the EDGE program from Lifeteen as our Junior High curriculum. Our Confirmation students will be using Purpose through Lifeteen, and 10-12 grades will also be using the HS program through Lifeteen. Please check out their website. User name is michael45845 and our password is stmichael. There are wonderful resources for parents on this site as well.