Education Commission | St. Michael


Mission Statement

The mission statement of the St. Michael CCD Program is to foster within an educational environment the teaching and values of Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church. To the best of our ability we will try to teach the students what we, as the Catholic Church, believe, how we worship in personal and liturgical prayer, and how to live a life of service to God. Through our examples, prayer, and in using the gifts and talents that God has graciously granted to us, we promise to responsibly impart to your children the teachings of Christ as handed down by the Apostles. The St. Michael CCD Program recognizes that parents are the primary religious educators of their children in faith development, and assumes a mutual responsibility to enhance this development.


The St. Michael Parish CCD Program offers a Religious Program of Catechesis within a Christ-centered community.  The CCD Program exists to provide its parish children a basic, yet firm foundation in our Catholic beliefs and practices.

The St. Michael CCD Program respects the uniqueness of each child and the diversity of needs within its Parish family.  The CCD Program Coordinators, under the guidance of the Pastor and the Diocesan Office of Religious Education, devises a Religious Education program to meet the needs of its students – challenging them to grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith, its teachings and practices.

The St. Michael CCD Program strives to not only teach about Jesus, but just as importantly, strives to inspire a relationship of friendship and lasting love with Jesus.  The ideals of this philosophy can only be fulfilled through a spirit of cooperation shared by each of the three major groups of our CCD family – catechists, parents and students.  The quality and success of the CCD Program recognizes the need for each group to accept the responsibility of openness to one another, in mutual respect and encouragement.