Community Life: Welcome!

Community Life: Welcome!

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Welcome Committees

Each parishes has a welcome Committee that welcomes new members of our parishes. If you are interested in making home visits to new parishioners complete the form below or contact Ann at the parish office. The committee meet's annually, and are asked to make 2 visits a year.

Other ways you can be a host of hospitality...

- Regularly pray for new families - moving to a new home is a stressful time!
- Intentionally sit by someone in church that you don't know - introduce yourself.
- Go out of your way to talk with someone you have not yet met. 
- When you meet a visitor, introduce them to others in the congregation who may have common interests. 
- Invite a new family, neighbor, or visitor to your home for lunch
- Visit new families in your neighborhood or in your community

"Welcome one another, then, as Christ welcomed you, for the glory of God." Romans 15-7
When parishioners register with the parish, a member of the Welcome committee makes a visit equipped with a St. Michael Care Package. If you can make two visits a year, we want you on the team!


GET INVOLVED with the Welcome Committee