Ex Officio Council Members (Non-Voting)

Pastor Rev. Steven L. Shoup 937-295-2891 x101
Pastoral Associate Ms. Ann Bollheimer 937-295-2891 x105
Pastoral Associate Ms. Rose Meyer 937-295-2891 x106
Youth Ministry Coord. Mr. Kevin Schulze 937-295-2891 x107
Co-CRE Ms. Kate Boeke 937-295-2891 x113
Co-CRE Ms. Jill Mangas 937-295-2891 x114

Council Members (Voting)

Chairperson Mr. Jim Maurer 937-295-2194
Member-At-Large Ms. Peggy Grewe 937-295-3859
Member-At-Large Ms. Diane Pleiman 937-295-3481
Member-At-Large Mr. James Brandewie 937-295-3913
Member-At-Large Mr. Luke Snider 937-606-1172
Member-At-Large Mr. Jim Mangas 937-821-4022
Bldg. & Grounds Comm. Mr. Ted Bornhorst 419-628-2707
Finance Commission Ms. Lynn Meyer 937-295-3182
Worship Commission Ms. Kathy Hilgefort 937-295-3207

Other Council Representatives (Voting)

Cemetery Board Mr. Mike Timmerman 937-423-7067
Hall Board Mr. Steve Hilgefort 937-295-3559

For more details on the pastoral council members, check the complete listing of the council members