Community Life: MOMS

Community Life: MOMS

The Ministry of Mothers Sharing

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Moms is an opportunity for women to develop self-esteem, relationship skills, and a more defined sense of their own spirituality at a time when they are facing the difficult challenges of raising a family., This 8-week series is for women who devote their time to the spiritual and physical upbringing of their children - women who live stressful lives - for women who live with many demands on their time and energy - for women who need a place to receive personal and spiritual nurturing

Learn to share with mothers of all ages the stress, concerns and positive experiences that have influenced your personal growth. Experience the support of other women as you discover the depth of your spirituality. Topics include

1. Self-esteem & Self-Acceptance What influences me at this time in my life?
2. Stress, Worries & Anxiety Learning to deal with stress productively.
3. Everyday Spirituality Relationship with self, relationship with God.
4. Feelings Constructive self-expression.
5. Personal Growth Who am I? Where do I give and receive support?
6. Expressing Values in Friendships Defining Christian values, examining relationships.
7. Celebration of New Beginnings An evening of celebration with dinner.
8. Discernment: Continuing the Journey How will I continue my personal growth? 
AFTER: All women who go through the 8-week initial journey are invited to get together on occasions with other moms.