Prayer & Worship

Prayer & Worship

Liturgy is centered on the Holy Trinity. At every liturgy the action of worship is directed to the Father, from whom all blessings come, through the Son in the unity of the Holy Spirit. We praise the Father who first called us to be His people by sending us his Son as our Redeemer and giving us the Holy Spirit so that we can continue to gather, to remember what God has done for us, and to share in the blessings of salvation.

"The Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian Life." 1324 Catechism of the Catholic Church Information on being a liturgical minister, lay leader of prayer or joining us in prayer see the links below

Liturgical Ministry Schedules

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Become a Liturgical Minister

Child Care | Sunday 11:00am Mass
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (Distributor)
Evening Prayer Leader
Lector and Leader
Mass Coordinator (St. Michael)
Music Ministries
Music Ministries

Music Ministries


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