Divine Mercy Facebook Study Group

Divine Mercy Facebook Study Group

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Welcome to our Facebook study of the Divine Mercy in The Second Greatest Story Ever Told. I am so excited that you have decided to join us!

My name is Kate Boeke and I am the Coordinator of Religious Education for grades 7-12 at St. Michael Church. Please feel free to contact me directlywith any questions or concerns that may arise throughout this study. You may send me a message in Facebook Messenger or e-mail me at kateb@nflregion.org.

Please note that this is a Closed Group so only those who are members of the group can see what is posted. Your posts will show up in your own newsfeed/timeline but your facebook friends who are not a member of this group will not be able to see your posts or comments. I ask you to please respect the privacy of those in the group by keeping confidential any information that is shared just like you would if this were a real live small group that met weekly.

All posts and comments on this page should be marked by Christian charity and respect for truth. They should presume the good will of other posters. No Ads please. Inappropriate comments may be deleted.

The resources for this study are available through FORMED.org. If you have not already done so you can create a free and personal account on FORMED.org by entering our parish code CJH2VQ.

The study will begin the week of January 29th and will last ten weeks concluding with Divine Mercy Sunday.

Jesus I Trust in You!